• Enneagram Coffee

    Doesn't self-awareness taste good?

  • Nine spectacular roasts for nine exquisite types.

    Enneagram Coffee - where specialty coffee and the Enneagram meet to make something uniquely special. Each coffee origin was meticulously chosen to best fit the enneagram type it represents, roasted to perfection, and packaged with extreme intentionality to showcase the complex characteristics of each individual. All of the nine coffee profiles were not only chosen to best represent each Enneagram type but, as coffee roasters, we loved the process of sourcing high-quality coffee that tastes delicious. From two fellow growth-seekers to all of you amazing Enneagram lovers, we hope this project inspires you as much as it has for us. May you always be integrated and caffeinated.

  • About Enneagram Coffee

    It was nearly 6 years ago when we discovered the Enneagram, a beautiful model of the human psyche that can help us love ourselves and each other more completely. As coffee roasters, we wanted to celebrate our wonder and awe with the impact the Enneagram can make and pair that with our extreme love of specialty coffee to produce something beautiful. So nearly two years ago we embarked on the journey to create Enneagram Coffee; we thought that each of the nine distinct Enneagram types deserves to be celebrated with a unique roast.

    This project is a labor of love from two complete Enneagram junkies, mostly because the Enneagram has actually impacted and changed our lives. This is our version of fan-fiction, our labor of love, our gift to the Enneagram community, our attempt to make something worthy of gifting to others entering into this journey of self-discovery or honoring your own struggle of being the most integrated you-you can be. This project is not to make light of this tool or to be reductive, but to encourage the journey and spark an interest in deeper self-discovery through the Enneagram. If this coffee bag can inspire intentional conversation or genuine appreciation of another, then we've done our job.


    This is the perfect personalized gift for someone beginning on the road to self-discovery or as a gift to yourself to honor your own journey. Basically, it's just really tasty coffee that should make you feel all types of understood and make all types feel understood.

    Happy growing.

  • Spreading personal growth one bag at a time

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